Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sport Is a Lifestyle that leads to Green Living

Every people really do have their own likes, abilities, and passion. Some just want to finish studies, some of the people want to proceed law school or medicine, some just go for work and earn money, yet others prefer to engage into sports and this is where I belong to.

Talking about sports, United States are well-known for baseball and basketball, Netherlands for football, Philippines for boxing since we all have heard lately about Manny Pacquiao being popular worldwide, and there are too many sports to mention. But despite of all the sports I have seen and tried, I decided to jump into something outside the mainstream and something extreme that can trigger my adrenaline to boost up. This sport is called Skateboarding.

There are many variations or categories of skateboarding but I tend to focus on downhill skateboarding. As you can see the image above, this is the group of youth that I belong to. We do have our community here in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. People in this community have different traits and personality and we do not mind about anyone's negative side but we take the positive vibrations around. It is also not about how rich or poor you are, it is not about how good you play, yet it is all about peace, love, and respect to every people in the community as well as outside of it.

Since our skateboards are made of wood, we have our tree planting activity to return all cut trees that are used to make boards. We are open to love and respect the nature, we ride our boards for commuting instead of jeeps and motorcycles that may cause harm to earth.We are doing this (we call it free-energy) for us to save energy and also save the earth from pollution. We also set ourselves as good examples to kids, encourage them to skate and make it as their passion. Come join us spreading the good vibrations. Love your God. Love yourself. Love the Mother Earth.